Will reblog this every time. It’s in my contract with the Internet.


Will reblog this every time. It’s in my contract with the Internet.

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Finding out your boyfriend is on a dating website pretending that he’s single and talking to other women 

I want everyone to know that Drew Dowdell ( or “Rod” as his dating profile says his name is is a lying scumbag.

PLEASE do not associate with him. Please do not talk to him.

YOUR GUT FEELING IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Please remember that. Your gut feeling is always right.

And also, new update, multiple women have contacted me on Tumblr saying that Drew was talking to them and wanted to meet up with him, etc. They are APOLOGIZING to me because they didn’t know. Babies, please don’t apologize. Drew is a horrible person. He lied to us BOTH. You have nothing to be sorry about. You didn’t know. And I am so, so thankful that y’all feel brave enough to come and tell me your stories and talk to me.

I don’t know what’s wrong with him. I don’t know why he’s continued to hurt people who love him, cheat on them, talk to other women, and LIE TO THEIR FACES when they ask him about it, but there’s something seriously off and I just really want to emphasize that women need to STAY AWAY FROM HIM.

This is NOT the first time that he’s had “Tumblr drama.” He was put on blast by his ex-girlfriend two years ago for the SAME THING. He can call you beautiful, he can tell you he likes you, loves you even, and it’s a fucking lie.

You know how many times he’s said, “I love you” to my face in the past few days?? 

God. Anyway, if there are more women out there, please know that I harbor absolutely no angry feelings against you, only against the person who lied to us both. We’re in the same boat, okay? We’re in this together. x

I’ve decided to reblog this on Drew’s blog. I’ve changed his email and his password. I honestly don’t think that he deserves to have a blog or a social media presence at all because he clearly uses social media to lie to, manipulate, and cheat on women. I hope that the women that he has talked to on Tumblr, flirted with, and lied to will see this post and be thankful that they dodged a bullet.

As of today, October 13th, 2014, I have been contacted by three different women who have had either emotional, physical, or both, relationships with Drew. The first woman who contacted me told me that he had been messaging her via Tumblr and then Snapchat, had told her that he was single, and asked her to visit him in Rhode Island, where he is currently living. What is messed up is that he moved to Rhode Island to be with me. In fact, I helped Drew to get his apartment here, I updated his resume so that he could get a good-paying job, and I encouraged him to get back in school and take classes. — Ironic.

The second woman told me that he would text her flirtatious messages, never admit to being in a relationship/claim that he was single, and continuously flirt with her.

The third woman is the woman who anonymously tipped me off and told me about his dating website. She had been physically intimate with him since May of 2014. When I went to Atlanta to visit my Dad in June, Drew was with her for the entirety of the week and they were physically intimate for an extended period of time. He lied to her about his name, about his relationship status, and kept her in the dark.

Drew Dowdell (or “Rod” as he commonly lied and said his name was) has a problem. He did these exact same things to his last girlfriend (many of you are aware of that entire fiasco) and then he did the same thing to me. He has not only manipulated, lied to, and cheated on me, but he has also hurt a number of innocent women. He is not to be trusted and he deserves whatever karma will come to him.

Drew will not get this account back, but if you’d like to contact him, please feel free to text him all of your angry thought at 470-216-8467. To all of the women that he lied to: I’m so sorry that it happened to the both of us, I am in solidarity with you and would never hold your actions against you (because you didn’t know).

To everyone who knew Drew, knew what he did to his last girlfriend, and is now seeing this, please know that Drew is scum and deserves the worst. If you ever see him flaunting another Tumblr/online girlfriend, please let that girl know the real deal. He clearly has a seriously psychological problem, he continues to hurt people in the same ways, and he deserves everything that’s coming to him. If you see him on a dating website, let the world know he ain’t shit. He doesn’t know how to love nor be loved. It’s sad and I hope one day he gets helped, but until then, I’m trying to protect any other women out there who may have been tricked by him.

Also, he has a really terrible credit score, no license, and I have never once, except when using a vibrator, had an orgasm while having sex with him.





people think talking to your kid verbally about what they did wrong is gonna work


You put the fear of god in they ass and make sure they don’t fuck up again.

Now, that doesn’t mean go all John Cena vs Brock Lesnar at Summerslam on they ass

But give em a old fashioned ass cuttin

enough with this PC shit

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